Dinner with Darren Broom & Jackson Bristow

Dinner with Darren Broom & Jackson Bristow from Nancarrow Farm

Thursday 7th February 2019

Arrival: 7 PM
Dinner: 7.45 PM

Chef’s Darren Broom and Jackson Bristow will join us from Nancarrow, a 100 acre farm, occupying a tranquil, south-facing valley in Cornwall.

Steve Chamberlain and his family have farmed here for nine generations  – four of which currently call the farm home. Steve, Darren and Jack, all share our love for cooking over fire, and after we visited them in summer 2018, we decided to invite them to co-host a fire feast here at Roth Bar & Grill.

Ticket: £35 per person
(Ticket includes two course meal)