Farm Shop Events

 An Evening with our in-house forager

Thursday 28th October, 6pm

Autumn brings with it a bounty of forageable treasures and our in-house forager Kenny will help you identify the good from the bad.

We’ll look at how to identify certain plants and mushrooms, before talking through their uses and having the chance to sample some of Kenny’s chutneys, pickles and jams.

Tickets: £10 per person

An Evening with Sarah Jane Ceramics

Thursday 25th November, 6pm

Over the course of the evening Sarah will explain how she creates her various pieces and will be bringing her wheel to demonstrate her process.

Tickets: £10 per person

An Evening with Castlewood Wines

Thursday 9th December, 6pm

Castlewood Vineyard is set in a south-facing Devon hillside overlooking the River Axe. Their wines are made using the best grapes from the harvest, pressed at their freshest on site and without any filtration or fining as their small-scale production means that the wines can clarify naturally.

Over the course of the evening, owner Rob Corbett will explain the story of the vineyard, his winemaking process and you’ll have an opportunity to taste his fantastic wines.

Tickets: £10 per person

An Evening with Harth Chocolate

Thursday 16th December, 6pm

Harth are artisan chocolatiers who put the quality of ingredients at the forefront of their products. Their range includes hot chocolate, truffles and bars which use Fairtrade chocolate, blended with responsibly sourced flavours to create unique combinations. Learn the secrets behind their creations and taste as you go.

Tickets: £10 per person