Fermentation, Fats & Wild Day Courses


Bread & Butter – Sourdough & Cultured butter

Learn to make sourdough from scratch as well as churning your own cultured organic butter. An in depth look at sourdough, cultures, and the process of wild yeast fermentation.

Whilst our bread is proving we shall learn the secrets behind making amazing butter before sitting down to a bread and butter themed lunch.

Each attendee will leave with their own bread & butter.

Monday 13th May from 10am – 3pm 



Fats & Tallow

An introduction & celebration of fats.

If offal is the fifth quarter of an animal, then fat should be the sixth. Join us for an in-depth insight into fats & tallow, uses in cooking, forms of preservation as well as making edible candles.

We don’t eat enough real healthy animal fats, fearful of the fat we can see and not those we cannot.  Animal fat is a hugely important part of healthy diet and has many more uses than we think.

Monday 20th May from 10am – 3pm



Fermentation, An Introduction

An introduction to cultures, moulds & gut health.

Join us for an in depth look at the secret & hidden world of beneficial wild bacteria.

Exploring the age old and often over looked & forgotten art of fermentation, we wish to quell the common and very harmful myth that all bacteria is bad. In an age where we wish to know more than ever of where our foods come from,  raw, unpasturised & fermented foods are quickly becoming understood and remembered as hugely important for a healthy gut and mind.

We will create a simple and seasonal ‘Kraut” that will help you on the road to many more fermented foods.

Monday 29th July from 10am – 3pm



Cooking on Fire 

Join us for a celebration of fire & food. We’re always cooking over fire at Roth Bar & Grill but there seems to be a recent surge in interest for people to adopt this skill at home. We will take you through every aspect of cooking over live fire. From the lighting, choosing you fuel through to a whole animal Asado and Ember cooked veg culminating in a huge feast.

Monday 12th August 10am – 3pm 




Cheese Simple

Here we look at a few simple cheeses you can make easily at home using various methods and rennets. We start with what I call a ‘dream cheese’ (yoghurt), then a simple traditional milk cheese before exploring and discussing other methods and sources of rennet. You will take away your cheeses, enjoy lunch & tasting of all discussed cheeses.

Monday 19th August from 10am – 3pm 


Fermentation, Intermediate

This intermediate course does require the attendee to have good basic understanding of cultures & beneficial bacteria. The Introduction course is highly recommended before attending this. Here we shall explore the art of fermenting in more depth by making Kimchi & brine pickling various seasonal vegetables and look at kombucha. An awesome & healthy alternative to use/store veg patch or wild gluts

Monday 16th September from 10am – 3pm 




Mushroom Foraging with Wild Resources

An introduction to edible & more importantly poisonous fungi. Perfect for the novice, this course will teach the very basics of identifying a range of edible choice fungi with in depth knowledge and learning of family, seasons & habitat etc.

Monday 21st October from 10am – 3pm



Truffles with Wild Resources

Love them or hate them, if you join this course you’ll probably agree there isn’t anything quite as amazing as the taste real fresh truffles. Much myth & secrecy surrounds the world of truffle hunting & for good reason. They’re incredibly difficult to find and often worth a lot of money! We hope to shed a little light (but not too much)  on how, where & why they grow and aim to demonstrate how we go about finding them. Pigs are soo last century. How ever the days hunt goes, we will enjoy a very truffled feast-cooked over the fire show casing one of our countries finest wild bounties.

Monday 18th November from 10am – 3pm