Game & Festive Courses

Furred Game & Deer Butchery with Wild Resources

Join us for our most popular course at Roth bar. We shall explore all aspects of deer butchery from Field to fork, learning how these majestic animals are shot, though to hands on skinning and butchery. This course is very in-depth and highly informative with the intention of highlighting how to best make use of a deer carcus. We will cover sourcing, skinning, butchery and seam butchery before sitting for a venison themed lunch with an afternoon of seasonal venison cookery.

Monday 28th October from 10am – 3pm 



Feathered Game, Pheasant & Partridge with Wild Resources

Do you shoot/beat and have access to lots of game or are just interested in knowing how to prepare a fully feathered bird from scratch. This is the course for you, We cover sourcing, hanging plucking and butchery as well as many seasonal game dishes. Although this course focuses on local Partridge and Pheasant this method can be applied to all feather birds from a chicken or pigeon to ducks & geese.

Monday 4th November from 10am – 3pm 



Hand Raised Pies

An essential addition to any summer picnic or festive feast the hand raised pie has long been one of Britain’s favourite and most famous foods. We will take you through every stage from the almost addictive hot water crust pasty (a long standing family recipe) to the beautifully rich and succulent filling & jelly. This is one skill that’s much easier to master than many think and always worth having for parties & feasts.

Monday 25th November from 10am – 3pm 



Three Bird Roast

You’ve all heard of it, but have you ever made one from scratch. This will see us creating the legendary 3 Bird roast. Taking you through the boning and rolling of each bird (partridge, pheasant & chicken) discussed stuffing flavours to create a truly amazing & personalised centrepiece for any Christmas feast. We will of course inform you of cooking methods and timings.

Monday 9th December from 10am – 3pm 



Christmas Lunch Masterclass

Join for a master class in cooking the ultimate Christmas dinner. We’ll share tips and secrets of achieving the crunchiest and fluffiest roasties, the tallest Yorkshire puddings as well as various stunning additions to make your lunch amazing. We will also look at what many still consider the most important part, the meat. From Turkey & Goose to Beef and Pork we will offer up advice to achieving a truly glorious center piece roast. All aspects will be covered from gravy to roasties and of course we will sit down for a lunch of some of what we’ve created.

Monday 16th December from 10am – 3pm