Cured Meats

Our talented kitchen team at the Roth Bar & Grill have been curing meat since we opened in July 2014.

Our curing story started when we cured eight legs from our Oxford Sandy & Black pigs after our opening parties in July 2014.  These were cured using Cornish sea salt and fresh herbs before being hung for a period of 12 and 18 months respectively.

After this success, our team now cure various cuts each month, always using livestock born and bred here at Durslade Farm. We have recently added 20 Mangalica pigs.  This Hungarian breed, which was developed during the mid 19th century, has a thick woolley coat, similar to that of a sheep, perfect for the winter months.

We use a traditional and artisan curing process which uses no nitrates (a product often found in cured products today).  Our ingredients include wild garlic from our farm, which we use as a rub on the prosciutto and creeping savoury from the Kitchen Garden for our venison salami.

Our selection of cured meats are always on display in our kitchen before being sliced by the chefs on our original and very beautiful, Berkel slicer.

Our current range includes;

Coppa – Bresaola – Lomo – Chorizo – Jowl – Venison salami – Prosciutto