Salt Room

Beyond the gallery, Durslade is a working farm and the livestock born and bred there are served at Roth Bar & Grill. Our livestock are Herefords, Aberdeen Angus and Wagyu cattle, Lleyn, Mule and Exlana sheep and Oxford Sandy & Black pigs, all of which are reared with care, love and respect.

The meat is dry-aged in our purpose built Salt Room, which is lined with over 500 hand-cut Himalayan salt bricks, highly valued for their purity. The traditional process allows the meat to tenderise through naturally occurring enzymes, intensifying in flavour as the Himalayan salt draws moisture from the air, allowing the water in the meat to evaporate.

Depending on the season, the Salt Room houses our game birds, spring lambs, wild deer and homemade sausages. A team of dedicated chefs at Roth Bar & Grill carry out all the butchery here on-site – where we will even hand cut your steak.